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Fences in the zoo turned green

Several of you have asked me why volunteers in the ZOO mostly paint fences during the Steelmakers for Košice event.

They enjoyed the win!

On Sunday, the doors to the exhibition Meky Žbirka: Years and Days, which was one of the most successful and most visited in the East Slovak Museum in Košice, were finally closed.

A year in motion

It has been a year since U. S. Steel Košice employees have been able to exercise together in the gallery in the Public Affairs building, under the guidance of trainer Sylvia Hušková.


Almost seventy ironworkers together with their family members took part in the concert of the 68th Košice Music Spring Bruckner 200, which was the biggest event of this spring within the symphonic program.

On the "audinka" to the zoo

In the competition, which we organized in cooperation with Auto Gabriel, one of the prizes - an Audi Q4 Sportback e-tron for the weekend was won by Marek Horský, who works on the expedition in DZ Cold Rolling Mill.

Sports benefits only for metallurgists

Almost 20 years ago, a completely reconstructed sports and entertainment complex on Alejova Street in Košice was put into operation, also thanks to the generous support of U. S. Steel Košice.

Our senior athletes collected awards

At the end of last week, the 10th year of the Summer Olympiad of Seniors of the City of Košice took place in the Sports and entertainment complex on Alejová.

Košice steel again helped make the city alive

The Singing Fountain is the third gem between the National Theatre of Košice and St. John's Cathedral. St. Elizabeth, which completes the unique colour of our Main Street.
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