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Car emissions

The environmental excellence campaign presents environmental tips how you can contribute to reducing emissions and thus overall improve the air quality in our environment.

Rudolf Schuster visits USSK

Today we received a very rare guest – former President of the Slovak Republic Rudolf Schuster. Rudolf Schuster was invited to a joint meeting and breakfast with managers by President Jim Bruno and Vice President Miroslav Kiralvarga.

There will be a Technology Campus in Secondary School Košice-Šaca

In the premises of the Secondary School of Industrial Technologies in Košice-Šaca, with which U. S. Steel Košice cooperates in the preparation of graduates, the Košice self-governing region is preparing the construction of a technological campus in the upcoming phase of the CuRI project.

Reducing radon exposure

As part of the environmental excellence campaign, we present a video that will bring you closer to the issue of how you come into contact with radioactive gas ...

A day full of new experiences

Yesterday, February 7, 2024, secondary school students and other interested students who wanted to learn more about the prospective study programs of FMMR of the Technical University in Košice, its focus, future plans and areas of its research came to their own.

Both the student and the factory benefit

Design of technology for processing ferrous waste with a focus on reducing CO2 emissions, The need for digitization and robotization in industry, Design solutions for cylinder cleaning in the production of steel coils, Optimization of combustion process on coke oven batteries, Analysis of losses of iron units in the pig iron production process.

Danka Gogová is delighted with joy in the eyes of the recipients

From time to time, on X App, we introduce you to colleagues who, in addition to work, are engaged in interesting hobbies and beautiful handmade products come out from under their skillful hands. Dana Gog, GM's Safety and Security department, is one of them.

Simple sustainability

The environmental excellence campaign presents environmental tips for sustainability.

Light our everyday

Many of us do not realize what effect it has on the functioning of the human organism, but also on everything living on our Earth, the alternation of intensities and colors of light and darkness.

They enjoyed hockey and club caps

Yesterday's match between Košice and Nitrans in the Steel Arena did not turn out according to the wishes of the fans, but the opportunity to see the hockey duel with their own eyes and soak up the atmosphere by cheering the roaring stadium made the families of Košice steelmakers included in this year's project We are with you at the right time joyful.

Thanks for the generosity

From December 1 to 23, 2023, a total of nineteen non-profit organizations took turns at the charity stand of U. S. Steel Košice during the Christmas market on Hlavná Street.

Holiday recycling

The environmental excellence campaign presents environmental tips on how you can prevent the production of waste even during the Christmas holidays.

Important contacts

USSK Emergency numbers:
15, 3 2222, 3 2015, +421 55 673 2222

Regional Service Desk:
3 4400, +421 55 673 4400

Employee Center:
3 3300, +421 673 3300

Ethics Line:
+421 55 684 2289

Šaca Hospital:
+421 55 7234 111, +421 55 7234 333


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