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How to dispose of used batteries?

The environmental excellence campaign draws attention to environmental tips on how to handle and dispose of used batteries with aim to not pollute the environment.

We will be greeted by linden trees

Warming, the climate crisis, deforestation... These topics are part of our environmental literacy, which also includes drawing attention to environmental issues.

New science and ecology in Steel Park

In addition to playful scientific exhibits related to metal, youth, especially elementary school pupils, will soon learn more about ecology in Steel Park.

With seniors about honey

Four Seasons is the name of the OZ Creative Workshop project, which was supported by the U. S. Steel Košice Foundation.

We donated over 900 lunches

As part of the Donate Lunch project, 185 steelworkers decided to donate part of the credits for food.

Simple sustainability – part 3

The environmental excellence campaign presents a continuation of environmental tips on the topic of sustainability.

Bouquet even for baby

On Friday, March 8 shone on the calendar. We were curious whether you receive or give flowers for this holiday.

Almost halfway to the moon

Last Sunday, Jozef Sciranko took part in the 100th edition of the Vas Run in Sweden, one of the most famous and largest long-distance runs in the world.

Second chance

Sometimes all it takes is a moment, an unfortunate moment, and the world turns upside down. It will never be the same again.

The bridge over the pond has already been opened

Yesterday, February 28, 2024, Chief Investment Officer Peter Petričko also opened to passers-by visitors the crossing of the bridge over the pond at the main administrative building of U. S. Steel Košice.

Whoever finds a friend finds a treasure

Among the recipients of support from the U. S. Steel Košice Foundation has been the St. Clement Hofbauer Children's Home in Podolínec for several years

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Šaca Hospital:
+421 55 7234 111, +421 55 7234 333


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