We evaluated the first year of cooperation with the social enterprise GOMBIDA


We evaluated the first year of cooperation with the social enterprise GOMBIDA

The social enterprise was founded by the municipality of Veľká Ida in 2021 and builds on our project Equal Employment Opportunities for Roma living in the village of Veľká Ida. At the beginning of the current cooperation, the aim was to give a chance to unemployed Roma who expressed an interest in working and learning in the newly established social enterprise GOMBIDA.

Based on the agreed criteria, the mayor of the municipality, Peter Nagy, selected five employees of the social enterprise, who began not only the gradual removal, but also the sorting of waste.

“When we started our cooperation, we didn't even think about how many tons of waste were within our premises, directly in the production area or behind the fence in our parking lots. Some types of waste shocked us and made us think about how little some individuals value the environment,” says František Gregor from Public Affairs.

Thanks to successful cooperation, we now know exactly where black landfills with different types of waste are formed. We are already monitoring these places, or in the very near future we will monitor them with industrial cameras and, in cooperation with our SBS, in the event of the appearance of a new black landfill, we will be able to identify the perpetrators very quickly and draw sanctions against them in accordance with the current civil and criminal law.


Important contacts

USSK Emergency numbers:
15, 3 2222, 3 2015, +421 55 673 2222

Regional Service Desk:
3 4400, +421 55 673 4400

Employee Center:
3 3300, +421 673 3300

Ethics Line:
+421 55 684 2289

Šaca Hospital:
+421 55 7234 111, +421 55 7234 333

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