Joint Statement


Joint Statement

After Meeting Between Government of Slovakia Representatives And Senior Executives of Nippon Steel Corporation / U. S. Steel Košice, February 9, 2024

  • The Government of the Slovak Republic and Nippon Steel have started discussions about U. S. Steel in Košice, which is a major employer in the east of Slovakia and it is important for maintaining employment in the region.
  • We discussed the future of this factory and Nippon Steel’s current views on its plans in our region.
  • It is premature to talk about the conclusions of these discussions as Nippon Steel does not expect to complete the entire transaction until the second to third quarter of 2024, which will allow the company to evaluate the feasibility of the plans, but it is important that these constructive talks have begun.
  • We also discussed Nippon Steel’s views on the decarbonization of production, as Slovakia has resources earmarked for this purpose in the recovery plan and other funds.
  • We look forward to constructive collaboration with the overarching objective of finding a solution that is mutually beneficial for all stakeholders.

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