Today on the topic of TOLERANCE


Today on the topic of TOLERANCE

Since childhood, we are used to judging and evaluating others – how they behave, how they look, how they dress, what they should and should not do.

Being tolerant means having a tolerant, accommodating relationship to difference, to otherness, to others. It is a way of thinking and acting that does not condemn other opinions, attitudes or behaviors. People have different skin colors, different beliefs, different opinions, physical and psychological traits, different cultural backgrounds, different ways of life. The world is very diverse and that is why it is so interesting and so rich.

Let us cast aside prejudices and try to accept people as they are. Let us be kind, and helpful to each other. Let us be people who also care about others. Tolerant people are able to cooperate with each other, despite their differences, because they respect each other, bear each other, trust each other.

On the contrary, let us not be tolerant of violence, slander, humiliation, bullying or discrimination.

If we see that something is happening to our colleagues, let us not hesitate to pay attention to them, offer help and at least ask: "What could I do for you?". Even such a trifle can be a big thing. Oftentimes it helps only to be kind to others. In such an environment, we work better at our workplaces and live better in private.

Our behavior and degree of tolerance towards others, and, conversely, a clear attitude to unwanted behavior, together create a corporate culture. If you are struggling with problems, coping with difficult life situations, or need to find your way to yourself and your own value, do not hesitate to contact us through Assistance for employees and family members service, which you can use in this form until November 30, 2022

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Alena Ľapinová

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