Amendment 5 to the collective agreement has been signed


Amendment 5 to the collective agreement has been signed

Monday afternoon, October 24, 2022, representatives of the employer and the trade unions signed Amendment 5 to the existing collective agreement.

The addendum was signed by: (pictured from left) Milan Beregszászi, ZO OZ NKOS KOVO – METAL U. S. Steel Košice, Juraj Varga, Chairman of RO OZ KOVO U. S. Steel Košice, Silvia Gaálová, Vice President of Finance and Marcel Novosad, Vice President Operations.

We asked Karl Kocsis, Vice-President of U. S. Steel Košice for Human Resources, for a brief assessment of the negotiation and the agreement reached: "The negotiation process this year has been extremely difficult and even the mediator has not reached a compromise. Although neither side has achieved all its objectives, we have reached an agreement that is best for all. We have tried to be responsible and we have taken into account the extraordinary situation in Europe, which has affected our business and every single household. The compromise means that each eligible employee receives an increase in the basic salary of 80 euros.  The challenges facing our business will not go away, and next year we will continue our efforts to make USSK a success during the whole business cycle."

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