The X App Košice celebrates its 1st birthday


The X App Košice celebrates its 1st birthday

Exactly one year ago, on December 13, 2021, we launched the corporate communication application The X App Košice. We were full of expectations of how our colleagues, U. S. Steel Košice employees, but also the public would accept it. Every day we watched the number of users grow, and we are pleased to say that in a short time, more than 6,100 colleagues decided to use the app or watch the news through a web browser.

Also based on your ideas, we have gradually added search, phone book and other useful information. Since launching the app, we have published over 1,500 articles. You gave us over 32,000 likes, the number of shares was almost 2,700. In total, there were 641,000 article views.

What attracted you the most? In addition to competitions, benefits and the amount of variable wage payment, thousands of colleagues also read crucial information about what was happening in the company, such as the unclear situation after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the quarterly financial results of the company, the visit of the President of the Slovak Republic, the situation in the steel market in Europe.

The app also helped us to register for corporate events, various competitions and polls. We have posted a lot of photos and videos. In the future, we would also like to add line advertising for employees and other improvements that you send to the editorial office. However, it is not in our power to launch and administer a discussion on the articles, which several of you are asking us to do.

We thank you all for the favor you are showing us. We will be happy if you contribute to our app, whether it's your insights, topics or photos.

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