We donated 1,353 lunches to homeless people


We donated 1,353 lunches to homeless people

The week lasted a fundraising, during which U. S. Steel Košice employees could share their lunches with homeless people who live in the non-profit organization OASIS – Hope for a New Life.

The result surprised us very nicely, especially since this year was especially rich in various collections. Altogether, 179 steelworkers donated a total of 1,353 lunches!

This news was very pleasing to Peter Gombita from the OASIS, where more than three hundred homeless people were currently accommodated: "Many thanks to everyone who donated lunches. I believe that the good you dedicate to the poor and the wretched will also be returned to you.  In this way, we are building a more beautiful and better world together."

Colleagues from Eurest turn to the OASIS four times. They bring lunches twice before Christmas and twice before the end of the year.

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