Saplings are growing


Saplings are growing

The beautification of the premises of our company continues. Yesterday, 5 new saplings – catalps – were planted in front of the TPV building (Technological preparation of production) to replace dried bushes.

Colleagues from Panda, who were in charge of planting, were helped and guided by our reader Igor Lefkanič (right), who is a well-known eco-activist and in his free time does not hesitate to rid nature of unwanted "souvenirs" and other evidence of human indifference to nature in the form of scattered garbage.

In the title picture together with Warren, an Irish citizen who has lived in Slovakia with his wife and son for three years.

Catalpa belongs to an important group of deciduous ornamental trees. These ornamental trees have a rich crown with large leaves, which are a highly decorative element not only in gardens.


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