All lunches have already been delivered


All lunches have already been delivered

Today we delivered the second half of the 933 lunches donated by 185 steelworkers as part of the Donate Lunch project. Lunches in the form of chilled meals were given to clients at two facilities of the Archdiocesan Charities before the Easter holidays and the other half today.

"On behalf of all the more than 220 clients at St. Elizabeth Charity House and the Crisis Center for Mothers with Children, we thank the staff of USS Steel Košice for their generosity. Thanks to your donation, we have fed the wards of charity services for a few days. The ready meals they received during the Easter holidays made it easier for them to prepare for the holidays, relieve the cost of food and save money within the family budget," thanked Silvia Hrabčáková from the Archdiocesan Charity.


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