We will be greeted by linden trees


We will be greeted by linden trees

Warming, the climate crisis, deforestation... These topics are part of our environmental literacy, which also includes drawing attention to environmental issues. This is also the goal of Earth Day, which has been commemorated on April 22 for more than 50 years.

Although ahead of time, but with even more enthusiasm, our managers planted linden trees this morning before entering U. S. Steel Košice. The event was organized by GM's Environmental Division. Our reader Igor Lefkanič came up with the idea to plant linden trees.

"Igor came up with the idea to plant linden trees all along the road to create a new, linden alley. However, we had to take into account the buffer zone from the road and the energy channels that lead there," GM Milos Fodor told the environment.

New trees were planted on a grassy area behind a large parking lot, behind a basin across the lawn and then along to the turn from Šace.

And why linden trees?

"Linden is a symbol of the Slavs, it is a beautiful tree, it has a beautiful crown, leaves, flowers have healing properties. Like any tree, linden is green, breathes, absorbs CO2, cools the atmosphere. The location we have chosen is the entrance to the factory, which represents us and also represents our attitude to the environment.  This spring we have already planted 2,500   poplars, beeches and linden trees near Veľká Ida. In the future, we plan to map the trees that grow on the factory soil and pay more attention to this topic. What we do know is that poplars predominate in our territory," summed up Miloš Fodor.

Even before the start of the work, we asked Igor Lefkanič how he feels when he sees that his idea has been implemented: "I am very glad that it was successful.  I also came to help personally, because I also want to make our business green, so that there is something left behind."

Why did you come? So we asked this question to our managers, who put their hands on planting linden trees.

Marcel Novosad:

I have a very positive attitude towards nature. Also yesterday I planted a magnolia on the municipal plot, trimmed the bushes.  We are polluters of the environment and in this way we must give something back to nature. Trees are of great importance to us. Scientists could find a way to do artificial photosynthesis. Until that happens, we need to protect nature and help it by taking care of it, planting new trees...

Julius Lang

I like nature, especially mountains. I go to mountains all over the world, it's a matter of my heart. I believe that we must protect nature and correct the injustices we have done to it and how we harm it.

Robert Meitner

Earth Day – is a very important day in our calendars.  Certainly also for us, the emitters. We must give nature back what we damage in ecology, find a healthy center and balance.

Elena Petrašková

We're going to plant saplings, we're going to make it more beautiful here. Every single tree means something to our children and to our future. We should have a bunch of trees here, we should have a small forest here.



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