We showed solidarity with the people in need


We showed solidarity with the people in need

A traditional collection of useful things was held as part of a volunteer event called Steelmakers for Košice. On June 21 - 22, employees of U.S. Steel Košice and the general public could help by donating material needs for people in difficult life situations. Donors could bring clothes, shoes, children's and household items to two collection points. Specifically, to the Archdiocesan Charity of Košice and the Civic Association Autumn of Life.

Together, more than 30 bags of clothing and other useful thinsg were collected to help people in need. Primarily children's clothing, toys for the little ones and women's clothing. Donated items will be distributed through the charity's network of services and facilities where needed.

The collection point at the headquarters of the civic association Jeseň života (Autumn of Life) has its justification. OZ Jeseň života brings together retired former employees of U. S. Steel Košice. They regularly participate in the collection. Our former colleagues receive and sort donated items here. "We have the opportunity and time, that's why we participate and help every year," said Michal Fizer from the civic association.

"Organizing material collections still has its importance in the community. Not only does it help protect the environment by recycling and reducing waste, it also creates a bridge of solidarity. It conceptually connects those who have plenty with those who struggle. The initiative reminds us how important it is to stand together, help each other and build a society based on solidarity and sustainability," said Silvia Hrabčáková from the Košice Archdiocese Charity.

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