They enjoyed the win!


They enjoyed the win!

On Sunday, the doors to the exhibition Meky Žbirka: Years and Days, which was one of the most successful and most visited in the East Slovak Museum in Košice, were finally closed. The afternoon meeting was  attended by Katka Žbirková, music dramaturge Juraj Čurný, and Martha, who sang a very well-known song with Meky.

In the morning, there were the last guided tours with the participation of Katka Žbirková, for which Juraj Roško and Maroš Hopko won tickets in our competition.

Juraj Roško from DZ Doprava sent us photos and wrote: "I was very pleased to win the tickets... All the more so because Miro Žbirka was and is the favorite singer of my wife, who enjoyed this commented exhibition with Katka Ž. to the maximum, together with her friend. In her words: ... It was an amazing summary of the private and professional life of a great personality of the music scene. Thank you!"

We are happy that thanks to the East Slovak Museum, which donated the tickets to us, we made the winners happy.

We are already preparing another interesting competition for you, which we will publish next week.

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