The survey reveals that customers want eco-products


The survey reveals that customers want eco-products

The results we learned from the survey "How are you, Slovakia?", presented at the AmCham Beyond Green conference, are clear. Sustainability became a trend because customers want to buy ecological products and employees want to work in socially responsible companies. Consumers want to be informed about the environmental impact of companies and their responsible activities. Also, the more transparent companies communicate their values and activities, the more consumers trust them. These and even more detailed survey results can be found in English on the AmCham Slovakia website (pages 12-13).

So how do we deal with the presented results and our options? The question was also answered during the recent ESG Summit, organized by CFA Society Slovakia, where in the discussion panel was described how we at U. S. Steel Košice are preparing for new legislative requirements in the long term. Our team is dedicated to individual initiatives and the fulfillment of strategic goals. U. S. Steel Košice is set out to meet the current requirements, in the form of ResponsibleSteel™ certification. We are also currently working on a risk analysis in the area of human rights and employee rights. Last but not least, we want to better understand the impact of our supply chain within the concept of sustainability. Colleagues in purchasing are therefore intensively preparing to start the process, following the example of the corporation, using the EcoVadis platform to collect information related to sustainability from our suppliers.

Cover photo from the panel discussion of the ESG Summit: Mia Janočková, sustainability manager / ESG U.S. Steel Košice (left) and representatives of the companies Západoslovenská energetika, PwC Slovakia and SmartHead Co.

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