Seniors drew in the botanical garden


Seniors drew in the botanical garden

Saturday morning looked all sorts of things. When we met the seniors from the Autumn of Life in front of the UPJŠ Botanical Garden at nine o'clock, we more or less counted on the fact that we would definitely be caught in a storm and get really wet.  In the end, everything was different, the clouds got lost somewhere and we enjoyed a nice morning. Almost three dozen seniors met at the second event of this project as part of the Four Seasons project, which is organized by OZ Tvorivá dílňa and supported by the U. S. Steel Košice Foundation.

Karin Mikulášová from OZ Tvorivá dílňa welcomed everyone and gave them the opportunity to choose from the offered program. Variant No. 1 was "only" a tour of the garden, including the greenhouse, in which it was still possible to admire the colorful exotic butterflies. Option No. 2 was creation with academic painter Darina Kopková, followed by a tour of the garden.

With a smaller group, we went to the upper gazebo. Along the way, we admired a beautifully blooming garden, a pond covered with multicolored water lilies.  Darina handed out sheets of black paper, dry pastel, explained the drawing technique. She recommended looking around and being inspired by the colors created by nature.

No one had any experience with drawing, so the ladies had quite a good time and convinced each other what a "shame it would be". Throughout the event, Darina Kopková stopped by everyone, advised and whoever needed help, helped.

"That will be quite a "problem", after all, I rather take a hammer, nails, drill in my hand... But crayons?"Hela Brožková let  herself be heard, second from the right in the picture. In the end, she liked the creation and was also satisfied with the result of her work. She just wasn't sure if her family would believe that she did it.

Magda Grešová (left) and Magda Šandriková were also very satisfied with their works.

"I didn't think I'd take such a nice picture.  I'll hang it on the wall for my pleasure," said Magda Grešová and Magda Šándriková added: "Today was amazing, I liked it very much. I will give the picture to my daughter, who did not believe that I could do something like this."

At the end, the ladies framed the pictures and evaluated each other's works. How did Darina Kopková evaluate them? "The girls were smart, they created nice pictures, they can be happy with themselves," she said.

The photo shows part of the creative group with finished pieces.

"This was the second very successful event from the Four Seasons project. We enjoyed it very much today, it was nice, interesting and fun. We thank the U. S. Steel Košice Foundation for their support,"  said  Anna Havierová, the head of the Autumn of Life civic association.

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