Plant linden trees along the driveway


Plant linden trees along the driveway

Trees are significantly involved in the formation of the character of the territory. They are an essential part of many processes taking place in the landscape and determine its subsoil. They protect the soil from external weather conditions such as wind erosion, landslides and the like. Trees are made to protect us humans with their crowns and roots. During hot days, they provide us with coolness and refreshment. They also harbor a dose of magnetism. Energy is located around the whole tree, it is up to us to begin to perceive it through touch.

Along the road leading to the USS there is, or rather was, an avenue of linden trees. His fame is long over. Only torsos of untreated, poorly trimmed, weakened linden trees remained. Attacked by wood-destroying fungus, common clanopetal. This cosmopolitanic parasitic fungus damages untreated wounds, for example, after cutting, breaking off... Its complete removal is almost impossible at such a stage of damage. The bark of infected trees dies, the trees wither and eventually die. Therefore, it would be good to consider which path to take.

The most sensible idea comes to mind is to eliminate infected trees, make high-quality pruning and at the same time proceed to planting new lindens of smaller stature.

Linden is the most famous ornamental tree. It is very decorative due to its magnificent leaves. It is a long-lived ornamental wood. Of course, it is also the national tree of Slovakia and a symbol of the Slavs.

I believe that there will be volunteers in the company (myself included) who are happy to lend a hand to new tree plantings. This place deserves attention because it is the gateway to our establishment.

Editor's note:

We sent Igor Lefkanič's idea to General Manager for Environment Miloš Fodor: "We will look into this idea and consider planting new linden trees. Not an ideal space, in terms of access road, sidewalk and parking. However, we will organise a meeting with the economic administration and agree on the way forward, whether we can plant linden trees or some smaller, more suitable types."

We will definitely return to the topic.

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