New dining room at Cold rolling mill


New dining room at Cold rolling mill

Today the Eurest dining room at Cold rolling mill was opened. Before cutting the tape, Ladislav Hanuščalka, GM for the rolling mills, spoke to the guests: "I went to this dining room for 30 years and I am glad that it has undergone such reconstruction and significant change. There's never been a nice dining room like this. Thank you all for those who will come here for lunch.  We have felt for a long time that the buffet at the Hot rolling mill is not enough for us. This dining room will also bring time savings, as people will no longer have to move to the UMD dining room or the Entrance Area for lunch."

The dining room is open Monday to Friday, from 10.00 to 13.00. There will be a classic menu, as in the other dining rooms, two meaty, one meat-free dish, one kind of soup. As a complement, there will be pizza, which will be baked directly in the dining room.  Food will be imported from the dining room in the Entrance Area.  Capacity is 170 seats.

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