Long-term partner Ferona visiting U. S. Steel Košice


Long-term partner Ferona visiting U. S. Steel Košice

At the end of June we were visited by representatives of several branches of Ferona a.s., our long-time business partner. During the inspection of primary production, rolling and finishing, they were accompanied by Slávka Nahajová, Chief Sales Manager for Ferona's Domestic Markets and František Gregor from Visitor Center, who answered questions about production.

Ferona, a.s. is a modern trading company that deals with the purchase, storage, treatment, logistics and sale of metallurgical products, metallurgical types, hardware assortment and non-ferrous metals based on wholesale.
Ferona, a.s. operates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. Part of the company is Pragmet, a.s., which is focused on the automotive industry, FTP, which focuses on materials made of plastics and composite-hybrid materials.

Ferona processes more than 350,000 tons of material annually in its service centers. In addition to the retail network, it has its own certified testing laboratory for verifying and monitoring the quality of materials. ITC technology is a partner also for the requirements of Industry 4.0.

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