Almost seventy ironworkers together with their family members took part in the concert of the 68th Košice Music Spring Bruckner 200, which was the biggest event of this spring within the symphonic program. They were invited to the concert by the general director of the ŠFK, Lucia Potokárová.

Some of them shared their impressions with us. Some more briefly, others wrote more, or even sent photos.

Michal Bigaň: "A pleasant concert, beautiful music, spectacular performances of the singers. The cultural experience met all our expectations. Bravo and thank you."

Radoslav Tomčo: "Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the concert of the State Philharmonic. We had a nice artistic experience."

Dalibor Boldižár: "It was a pleasant cultural experience. Thank you for the opportunity and I recommend everyone to take this form of rest."

Lucia Hlavnová: "My mother, who is a regular visitor to the concerts of the State Philharmonic (and is also a former employee of the ironworks, then still VSŽ), was with me at the concert. During the break, we toasted in this way (belatedly) and celebrated Mother's Day. Thank you for a nice artistic experience."


Diana Mašľanová: "The beauty, choirs and opera singers added another value to it. A spectacular performance."

Erika Linkeschová: "It was beautiful. A truly spectacular and breathtaking concert. It was actually the 1st symphonic concert as part of the Košice Music Spring. The chief conductor of the ŠFK Robert Jindra conducted, we had the opportunity to listen to compositions by Wagner, Strauss and Bruckner. The musicians commemorated Anton Brückner's 200th birthday with the concert. It is said that there were 129 orchestral players, soloists, members of the Slovak Philharmonic Choir on stage. The concert featured soprano Olga Bezsmertna, mezzo-soprano Štěpánka Pučálková, tenor Peter Berger and bassist Tijl Faveyts. During the concert, the musicians were accompanied by the Slovak Philharmonic Choir and completed an exceptional experience with them.

Aurora Jajková: "We were there and it was fantastic. Thank you for the opportunity to participate."

Daniela Jakubeczyová: "The concert was beautiful. We enjoyed it very much. We had chills at the end. Thank you for this opportunity."

Jana Bounziová: "The Bruckner 200 concert had a high professional level. The Slovak Philharmonic Choir, the State Philharmonic Košice, the conductor and all the performers gave a high performance, which had an impact on the overall atmosphere of this concert. The works of Wagner, Strauss and Bruckner presented in this presentation were exceptional.  Many thanks"

Dušan Jankovský: "We were. Beautiful!"

Silvia Imrišová: "My husband and I were there. I perceived the concert as one great comprehensive experience. Thank you."

Róbert Bencko: "Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in this beautiful concert. Traditionally, I also invited my mother, who still takes away even more beautiful feelings and experiences than me.  She learned the charm and charm of classical music and, like me, fell in love with it."


The Košice Music Spring continues until June 13 and there are still several interesting concerts on the program.

Košice Music Spring - State Philharmonic Košice (

U. S. Steel Košice is the main advertising partner of this prestigious, international festival.

Cover photo: Radoslav Tomčo


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