At Family Safety Day, employees came to have fun and learn


At Family Safety Day, employees came to have fun and learn

On Saturday, September 3, the largest corporate event Family Safety Day 2022 (FSD) was held in U. S. Steel Košice. Its aim was to draw attention to safety, both in metallurgical production and in any other activity. This was also emphasized in his speech by President Jim Bruno, who came to the event directly from the airport after returning from the USA.

Where does my dad, my mom, work? To answer this question, which is in the subtitle of the company event, the staff of our departments certainly managed to answer. They creatively prepared their presentations a few weeks in advance, and the unrelenting interest of visitors throughout the day was a reward for them.

Just outside the entrance gate, environmentalists laid out their large exposition. Since the morning, they have been dedicated to dozens of adults and children, for whom they have prepared educational and fun quizzes and competitions. Many colleagues used an attractive offer to have chemical analysis of drinking water sample from their own well, others were interested in the monitoring vehicle and techniques for detecting the quality of the environment.

Our commercial department came up with a completely new concept this year They prepared something for every age group. Younger visitors certainly enjoyed the 6-meter professional car track the most. For the older ones, they had prepared a video in virtual reality, which revealed interesting information about the USSK.

The program on stage also included the children of our employees, whether in the folklore ensemble Zeliezko or in the guitar quartet Unbridled Guitars. The children of our employees were also represented among the acrobatic gymnasts, who presented themselves to the audience with enthralling performances at the end of the event.

Traditionally, there was great interest in plant tours, and buses with families left at 10-minute intervals. Right at the beginning of the excursion, they looked at the technique of our Fire Department. Behind it, the scrap yard, which is proof that the steel we produce is the best recyclable material. They learned that we can recycle steel indefinitely in this way. Passing by the Steelworks and Blast Furnaces, they learned how difficult it is to produce iron and steel and why we produce different chemical compositions and steel grades. Those who could and wanted to know the process of production of hot-rolled material got off the bus next to pusher furnaces and went on a walking tour of the Hot Rolling Mill.

Family Safety Day brought a wide range of activities, and each of the 4 thousand visitors was certainly able to choose their own. Without a doubt, our partners also contributed to this, and prepared interesting expositions, programs or services. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University in Košice presented the largest presentation.  After having a success at the World Expo in Dubai, mechanical engineers also presented themselves with hydrogen technologies at FSD. Everyone had the opportunity to see a unique hydrogen bus and a model of a hydrogen car. For children, it was an attraction of formula F1, and during the day there were a lot of them in it. However, models of titanium implants from a 3D printer, prepared for specific patients in Slovak hospitals, were also very interesting for the event visitors.

Photographs from all activities are published in the photo gallery at Safety1.

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