With seniors about honey


With seniors about honey

Four Seasons is the name of the OZ Creative Workshop project, which was supported by the U. S. Steel Košice Foundation. The project is intended for seniors, our former colleagues from the Autumn of Life civic association. It has four parts and is designed to include creative activities, but also bring seniors new knowledge and knowledge, stay in nature and develop their creativity and skills. 

The first event, subtitled Honey as medicine, took place yesterday. Among the seniors came beekeeper Renáta Zbojanová from Med medotéka (pictured), who prepared a very interesting program.

Seniors learned a lot about the life of bees, about the organization of their work in hives, about how honey is produced, but also about the life of beekeepers. It also introduced lesser-known products such as pollen, propolis and perga. Very interesting were her valuable advice on how to store honey, whether it is okay for honey to crystallize, and that whoever adds honey to boiling tea proceeds very badly. In order to preserve its healing effects, it should be placed in tea or other liquid cooled to at least 45 degrees Celsius.  Renáta Zbojanová gave advice on how to take individual products, what healing effects they have, who can take them.  Did you know that it is good to always have a small bottle of honey at hand in the kitchen? After all, if you get burned, which happens normally during cooking, it is enough to smear the affected area with honey and a blister will not form.

In the second part of the meeting, the seniors could taste. Various types of honey, also honeys flavored with chokeberry or cinnamon and other products such as pollen or perga. At the same time, there was space to answer a lot of questions during the tasting.

Finally, the seniors had to use their creativity in a creative workshop, making candles from interstices. They decorated their candles with hearts, four-leaf clovers and, as the Easter holidays are approaching, with flowers or bunnies.

"It was a great event, very enjoyable. We learned and tasted a lot. And the production of candles had no mistake. We greet all ironworkers and thank the U. S. Steel Košice Foundation for supporting this valuable event,"  said Anna Haviarová, head of the Autumn of Life civic association, after the participants of the event rewarded Renatka Zbojanová with a big applause.

Everyone is already looking forward to the next event, which will be in June in the UPJŠ Botanical Garden.

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