Winners took over their phones


Winners took over their phones

Majority of 10 determined winners by lot have taken over their prize - iPhone APPLE 12 Pro 256GB graphite. Director Public Affairs, Ján Bača, handed over these prizes.

We asked them if the prize delighted them and how they are satisfied with our new app: Dana Kaszonyiová won for the second time and in both cases the prize was a telephone.  She likes our application because it is comprendious, information is well-arranged and available at first-hand. Reaction of Ingrid Janočková was: „Of course that the prize amazed me. I cannot believe it. I installed the app last week, I´m getting acquainted with it and I consider it as remarkable.”

Stanislav Sokol adores the app and uses it every day.  According to Roman Záboj the application is excellent, pure and simple but it depends on what articles will be published there and what interests people.

Martin Eliáš has never won anything until now, so he was pleasantly surprised.  „I am contented with the app; I watch news from the company life almost daily.  I appreciate that the employer created the opportunity to share the information with the company's employees,” he said.

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