Volunteers will also help around the penguins in the ZOO


Volunteers will also help around the penguins in the ZOO

Traditionally, our volunteers contribute to the beautification of the Košice ZOO area. Košice ZOO is each year on the list of locations for the event Steelmakers for Košice. ZOO’s most popular attractions include penguins, which cannot be found in any other ZOO in Slovakia.

U.S. Steel Košice contributed significantly to the establishment of penguin breeding 16 years ago. This year, we donated 10,000 euros to the ZOO to replace part of the fencing around penguins’ breeding facility. On top of that, our volunteers will also have the opportunity to lend a hand around the penguin breeding station.


What jobs will await us? Eva Malešová, head of the marketing and promotion department, says: "We would like to clean the premises of the breeding facility for penguins and its surroundings, including the amphitheater in front of it. At the same time, we will paint the part of the fencing that will not be replaced and will remain here after the reconstruction." The fencing of the enclosures for ungulates, from the breeding facility for penguins to camels, will also need cleaning and a new coating, both in the lower and upper parts of the enclosures. In the upper part, cleaning and a new coating of fencing from meerkats towards an enclosure for camels will be needed.

The ZOO also has a plan B ready. In case of bad weather, volunteers will clean and whiten the inside of the stalls for the ungulates.

"We are very much looking forward to the volunteers from U.S. Steel Košice. They are extremely hardworking. It is an excellent team that we consider being a part of our family, because almost the same people have been coming regularly for many years. In the meantime, several have already retired, but we still meet them at the ZOO and we are glad that they keep on coming back and visit," says Eva Malešová.

The event Steelmakers for Košice will take place on June 22, 2024, and registration will be open in mid-May, through our intranet. You can find more information about Volunteer Days on the website of U.S. Steel Košice:

  Volunteering - U. S. Steel Košice

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