USSK at CFO Forum


USSK at CFO Forum

We presented our experience with digitization last week at a prestigious CFO forum. This conference brought together leading financial "heads" to discuss key topics that affect today's businesses in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Silvia Gaálová, VP of Finance and CFO, and Juraj Sabol, GM for Strategy and Digital Office, gave a presentation entitled "Digital Transformation vs Metallurgical Industry", which dealt with the ongoing ERP project and the digital program implemented in our steel mill. They explained how these initiatives optimize our operations, increase efficiency, and move us toward a sustainable future in the ever-evolving steel industry.

The CFO Forum once again provided a valuable opportunity not only to present our progress in the field of digitalization, but also to gain insights from other industry leaders on ESG, digitalization, crisis management, corporate culture and cybersecurity. We look forward to using this knowledge to continue our transformational journey.

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