U. S. Steel Doubles Warranty for GALVALUME® Coated Steel Coils


U. S. Steel Doubles Warranty for GALVALUME® Coated Steel Coils

Doubles length of GALVALUME® steel warranty in response to success and adoption of product among residential and nonresidential building applications, supports a more sustainable steel future.

United States Steel Corporation (“U. S. Steel”) announced on January 12 a doubling of the standard limited warranty policy for GALVALUME® coated coils used in nonresidential and residential building construction. The new warranties provided to U. S. Steel customers will range from 40-60 years, a significant upgrade from the existing 20-25 years warranties.

U. S. Steel's new warranty policy responds to the needs of consumers and our customers alike, further supporting the growth of corrosion-resistant sheet steels in building construction. These longer warranties can provide builders with confidence that GALVALUME® coated steel will have superior and lasting performance – and withstand mother nature’s most extreme events like hurricanes, heavy snowfall, and wildfires.

U. S. Steel has been coating GALVALUME® steel for more than 40 years and is the most experienced and longest tenured licensee of GALVALUME® coated steel coils in North America. GALVALUME® coated steel is a preferred alternative to zinc-aluminum coated steel because the latter is often unlicensed and imported into the U.S. construction market and may not meet the same performance standards or have the same complex coated microstructure as GALVALUME®.  In addition to its superior longevity and corrosion resistance for construction roofing and siding, GALVALUME® is a 100 percent recyclable steel which is a key differentiator from other roofing materials, such as traditional asphalt shingles, which frequently require disposal into landfills.

"At U. S. Steel, we understand and share the commitment of our customers and their customers who demand long performing, environmentally-friendly building materials that are high quality and cost-effective. Licensed GALVALUME® continues to prove itself in the market as the premier choice for roofing and architectural panels, and other construction applications,” said Ken Jaycox, Senior Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer at U. S. Steel.

The new warranties apply to coils shipped on or after January 1, 2023, with heavier coating weights receiving longer warranties. Pre-painted products receive an additional 10 years of coverage.

GALVALUME® is a registered trademark of BIEC International Inc.

U. S. Steel was the first American steelmaker to commit to a net zero greenhouse gas emissions goal by 2050 and the first North American steel company to join ResponsibleSteel™, a global not-for-profit working to make steel more sustainable.


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