Three million hours without injury!


Three million hours without injury!

The coke makers gave themselves a wonderful gift for Christmas.

On Thursday, December 22, the employees of DZ Koksovňa managed to achieve excellent success in the field of occupational safety. They achieved 3 million hours worked without injury (according to the OSHA methodology). In the difficult conditions of primary production operations, this is even more valuable, and colleagues have once again proved that it is possible to work safely even in a difficult industrial environment.

Oto Viszlay, divisional director, praised the success of the whole team as follows: "First of all, I want to sincerely thank all the employees of Cokery Division and congratulate them on achieving this exceptional achievement. It is the result of the work of each of us, and,  at the same time, a significant success, which can only be achieved through the involvement and contribution of the whole team. I am even more pleased that we have achieved such success in the divisional plant, which is one of the most demanding USSK plants in terms of risks in the workplace. At the same time, it is proof that with sincere effort, good cooperation, risk management and the involvement of all employees, success comes. At the same time, however, along with words of praise and appreciation, I am aware of the huge commitment that this success brings to all of us. Furthermore, we must continue to comply with safety regulations in our day-to-day activities, detect and eliminate risks, and continuously improve the conditions for safe work. I wish all employees as many safe days as possible in the workplace and beyond."

Robert Meitner, General Manager for Safety and Security also added words of appreciation and gratitude: "I congratulate the employees of the cokery division for achieving such a result in conditions with a higher level of risk and thus joining plants such as Transportation, Coated products and Tin Mill or Subsidiaries as a whole. Joint efforts in the implementation of new projects, such as the installation of a camera system for the safe movement of operators on coke oven battery filling trucks, daily inspections of plant managers and work safety and fire protection technicians, brings the expected fulfillment of the objectives – work without injury. Of course, without the active involvement of all employees in the safe performance of work, this would not have been possible. As an example, I will mention the "Safety Champion" award of the maintenance employee from November 2019 with the project of a new locking box, or the second place in the competition of teams for HIRA projects from March of this year in the form of Modification of the Entrance of the Discharge Wagon No. 2, which is only a fraction of the more than 6,600 solved risk analyses in HIRA applications at this divisional plant. I wish to reach further milestones in the field of safety for both coke makers and all other ironworkers."

Of course, not only managers are pleased, but especially employees and their families, because without injuries and in health they can live fully after work in the circle of their loved ones.

According to Martin Harvan, the last accident happened at the cokery division on August 22, 2018. Three million hours is thus 1582 days, which is more than four years, during which coke makers were able to work without injury.

Thumbs up and applause for you!

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