The Great Competition and a GREAT Touareg


The Great Competition and a GREAT Touareg

Let's remember that the Great Competition is still going on at USSK, and the great prize at the end of it is a Volkswagen Touareg.

That's a darn GREAT CAR :).

Please don't forget to take part in this latest round. So far we've handed over three cars to other colleagues, and the fourth one is of course the most expensive.

That doesn't mean however that you have to stress yourselves about having to pay more tax if you happen to win it. Once again, if you are the lucky winner, the Company will cover any tax liability ensuing from the win.

Incidentally, we are working intensively on getting the X App online corporate information service up and running. Before long this application will enable everyone to find out the results of the prize draw immediately on the same day. Up till now you had to wait for the next issue of Oceľ východu.

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