The environmental excellence campaign continues in 2023!


The environmental excellence campaign continues in 2023!

2023 Environmental Excellence Program Key Messages

Rollout Message

  • Environmental Excellence is key part of our STEEL principles
  • E – Environmental Stewardship
  • E – Excellence and Accountability
  • As well as critical part of our Best For All strategy
  • Commitment to Environmental Excellence begins at the top
  • It is Everyone’s responsibility to:
    • Operate our facilities in an environmentally responsible manner and to take steps to protect and preserve our shared natural resources.
    • Comply with environmental laws and regulations as well as our environmental policies, practices, procedures and initiatives.
    • Be accountable and personally responsible to act in an environmentally responsible manner.
    • Report any actual or potential violations of environmental laws, regulations, policies, practices or procedures.
    • Strive to increase our energy efficiency, reduce emissions and conserve energy and other resources.
    • Prioritize the resue and recycling of materials into our products to minimize our environmental footprint and improve sustainability.
    • Commit to being an environmental steward in the communities in which we operate.


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