The bridge over the pond has already been opened


The bridge over the pond has already been opened

Yesterday, February 28, 2024, Chief Investment Officer Peter Petričko also opened to passers-by visitors the crossing of the bridge over the pond at the main administrative building of U. S. Steel Košice.

With the spring awakening, this joint work, signed by the Košice Steel Plant, the U. S. Steel Košice Foundation, the Botanical Garden of P. J. Šafárik University and the Faculty of Arts of the Technical University, will continue to be beautiful. Also thanks to the varied flora in the form of a wide assortment of attractive plants.

Under constant scrutiny is also the control of the water quality in the pond, which is already inhabited by fish. The attentive eye will not miss the redheads, to which at the end of last year the first roaches, dusts and dozens of attractive golden heels were added. Here it should be remembered that feeding the fish is not at all necessary, they have enough natural food in the pond. Rather, it can harm them and also degrade water quality.

As Robert Gregorek from the Botanical Garden of UPJŠ Košice informed, botanists applied a mineral mixture to the water to prevent the growth of filamentous algae. They will also shed light on the possible appearance of unicellular algae and cyanobacteria, which, despite the unusually warm weather, did not appear at all. After launching technical support, UV lamps will reliably prevent water turbidity in the spring.

Botanists are also preparing for the first treatment of existing plants around the pond - they trim the bushes, regulate the weeds, replenish the substrate in the dropped places, and a little later plant some other plants in free places.

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