Thanks for the generosity


Thanks for the generosity

From December 1 to 23, 2023, a total of nineteen non-profit organizations took turns at the charity stand of U. S. Steel Košice during the Christmas market on Hlavná Street. Many citizens of Košice or visitors to the city who stopped by the stand to learn more about the mission and public benefit activities of a particular entity did not leave empty-handed. However, for a voluntary financial contribution, they took away some, mostly handmade trinkets. And they were really generous. For their further activities and development of activities, the presenting organizations received a total of 11,674.54 euros, which represents an average daily return of more than 500 euros.

"A big thank you to everyone who stopped by our charity stand on Main Street. Together we created a magical atmosphere of love, joy and goodness. Every smile, greeting, conversation and voluntary contribution contributed to the creation of Christmas well-being. The generosity of visitors for the benefit of our charity amounted to 3,365 euros. Special thanks to our clients who have contributed their imagination, creativity and talent. Handmade and lovingly created Christmas ikebana, candlesticks, ornaments and decorations already adorn many homes. And also to colleagues and volunteers, without whom this stand would yawn with emptiness. And last but not least, to U. S. Steel Košice for the fact that this time we were part of a fairytale Christmas. Together we created not only a place where good people met, but also a place where the hearts and needs of the needy met," said Silvia Hrabčáková from the Archdiocesan Charity Košice, whose employees and clients of its facilities and volunteers were on duty at the stand for several days.

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