Sports benefits only for metallurgists


Sports benefits only for metallurgists

Almost 20 years ago, a completely reconstructed sports and entertainment complex on Alejova Street in Košice was put into operation, also thanks to the generous support of U. S. Steel Košice.

Last year, thanks to the generous support of the U. S. Steel Košice Foundation, a covered ice rink was opened here, which will be used in the summer months as an entertainment center with inflatable castles and various other attractions.

"We are very grateful to U. S. Steel Košice for the help and support we received this year. We would like to reciprocate, so we have prepared two offers for employees,"  says  Viliam Rác, head of the ŠZA.

Football players will be delighted

From June 1, employees of our company will have a football field available for one hour free of charge, every Monday from 18:30 to 19:30.


A specific appointment must be booked in advance by phone: 055/6420 745 or 0918 340 128. At the entrance, it is then necessary to show an employee ID card.

Skating for families

From the opening of the ice rink, which is expected in November, our employees and families will have the opportunity to use the covered ice rink for free ice skating, every Saturday from 8.30 to 9.30.


Just come, advance booking is not necessary.  At the entrance, one family member presents an employee ID card.

This offer will provisionally run until the end of the year.

Currently, there are 43 different sports activities available in the Sports and Entertainment Complex and the area thus holds the Slovak record. Nowhere else is there a similar area that has so many opportunities for sports use. These include a skateboard park, football fields, multifunctional playground, transport playground with rental, large obstacle course, various inflatable castles, carousels, water slide, trampolines, monkey track or outdoor gym.

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