Rudolf Schuster visits USSK


Rudolf Schuster visits USSK

Today we received a very rare guest – former President of the Slovak Republic Rudolf Schuster.   Rudolf Schuster was invited to a joint meeting and breakfast with managers by President Jim Bruno and Vice President Miroslav Kiraľvarga.

Together with other managers, they congratulated Rudolf Schuster, who worked in the ironworks for 12 years, on his recent 90th birthday and gave him a very nice and original gift.

At the handover, Miroslav Kiraľvarga said: "This gift does not remind you of any age, jubilee or number, but it will always remind you of what is dear to you – and that is the whole of Slovakia. It is a unique work made by our former colleague Ján Petko – Slovakia in Wood."

Of course, it would not be Rudolf Schuster if he did not immediately start looking for his native Medzev on the map. "It's very nice, now I will have the whole of Slovakia at home. I will definitely put it in the presidential library so that others can see this gift. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, President Jim Bruno for remembering me, and for this beautiful gift that no one else will have. The years I worked in the ironworks were a school of life for me. Without the ironworks, Košice would not be what it is today," said Rudolf Schuster.

In a very pleasant and warm atmosphere, Rudolf Schuster remembered not only the years he worked in the ironworks, but also the period when he was mayor of the city, the reconstruction of the Main Street, bringing water to Košice... And there were also various funny experiences with heads of state, especially those that related mainly to American politicians and statesmen due to the headquarters of the parent company U. S. Steel Košice.

Rudolf Schuster does not rest even in his nineties. His book Protocol Without Protocol is currently in print, which will be full of interesting anecdotal stories and photographs.  He also revealed that he was going to write short stories for his great-grandchildren.

"It is a great honour for me," Ján Petko,  author of the work – relief of the Slovak Republic, told us: "The relief contains real geographical data, which I inserted into special software and were thus the basis for carving on a CNC machine." The relief is made of beech wood, measures 1 meter x 40 cm and weighs almost 7 kilos.

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