Our volunteers also helped during marathon event


Our volunteers also helped during marathon event

The organization of an event of such a scale as the International Peace Marathon in Košice would not have been possible without the help of volunteers. For years, Alica Mašlejová has been responsible for volunteers from U. S. Steel Košice and FMMR. Their station is  Anička. We asked Alice to describe for us in more detail the work of the volunteers and share her impressions with us: "There were 35 of us together, including family members of our employees and 4 FMMR employees supported us with their participation. We provided refreshments at about five and then 26 km MMM for all runners. We had water, ion drinks, bananas, energy bars, lemons, cube sugar and salt at our disposal. The specialty was tables for  "Elite" runners, on which they had their own containers with refreshments. This was an extremely responsible position, after all, we could have jeopardized the track record if the runners had not refreshed themselves in time and correctly. Peter Bencko and Juraj Sabol have proven themselves here. After individual waves of runners, it was necessary to clean the area of waste, so we collected and sorted the waste. It was definitely not a "easy job". We all felt responsibility and, above all, admiration for all runners. It was pleasing to see in practice how organized, hardworking, cheerful and thirsty the ironmakers are. When we saw that the students were not  keeping up, we moved and helped with filling the water, after all, we were one great team. I believe that we were also a good example of how things should work properly and reliably."

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