On FSD, everyone will definitely find something interesting


On FSD, everyone will definitely find something interesting

USSK departments prepare a wide range of educational and entertaining activities

The popular Family Safety Day corporate event, which will take place on September 3 this year in a large parking lot in front of the USSK entrance area, is traditionally held with the subtitle Where does my father, my mother work? In addition to the plant tour, participants will be able to see interesting presentations of several divisions in the exhibition stands directly in the parking lot. There will be a lot of entertaining and informative activities for children and adults.

SAFETY department prepares demonstrations of gas protection, metal detectors or glasses simulating various conditions.  Dummies with model gears are also prepared by Security and, of course, there will be no lack of interventions by firefighters and demonstrations of their technique.  Will you take a photo from the event in a unique protective metallurgical garment?

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT will offer presentations of various physical phenomena, such as alloy shape memory, magnetism, conductivity, as well as observing of various natural samples.  Do you recognize, under a special microscope, a flea from a semi-precious stone?

LABORTEST, as one of the subsidiaries, prepares a range of fun chemical experiments for children in addition to introducing its own activities.  Will young chemists make their own "frog slime"?

ENVIRONMENT will provide the first 100 bidders with well water analysis and will also introduce air quality measuring instruments. In cooperation with ENVI-PAK, ecologists prepare competitions for proper waste separation and draw Adopt a tree.  Will children manage to put together a giant ecological puzzle on the grass?

ENERGY division and the subsidiary FERROENERGY prepare a number of activities within the framework of a joint presentation. Thanks to cooperation with the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA), children will be able to measure electrical voltage in vegetables and fruits or determine the consumption of electrical appliances. Will parents use advice on energy efficiency in the home or the most appropriate use of renewable energy sources in the house?

COMMERCIAL will turn into a 3D city and introduce products made of our steel. Such are also sheets for car bodies or other parts of cars. Who's coming to drive a car in a slot racing?

PRODUCTION will be represented by slabs and coils. Can you tell which one is warm, cold, galvanized or tinned? Large-scale machines drive not only in sci-fi films, but also in metallurgical plants. Will you sit in the cabin of the Sennebogen loader and feel its strength?

And we're just at the beginning! What awaits you on Family Safety Day you will learn every week from the articles on X App Košice. It will be possible to register for the event from 3 August exclusively from this USSK communication application. Already note 3 August and 3 September to your calendars.

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