New workforce will be added from June


New workforce will be added from June

New reinforcements will be added to our company. In recent weeks, almost 50 students have signed contracts for future employment contracts with U. S. Steel Košice, s.r.o.

These are future seniors of the Secondary Vocational School of Industrial Technologies in Košice – Šaca and the Secondary Railway School in Košice, as well as future graduates of the Technical University in Košice.

"The signing of contracts is the result of cooperation of U. S. Steel Košice with partner secondary schools and universities in the education and preparation of the future workforce," says Milan Polča, Deputy General Manager for Human Resources Staffing and Development. "After successful completion of graduation and overall study, graduates of both secondary schools in the fields of metallurgical operator, mechanics of machinery and equipment, mechatronics, mechanic electrotechnician, programmer of machine tools and equipment will strengthen the ranks of employees of our company as early as June this year. "

They acquired their practical skills and knowledge in the Dual Education system, in which their younger classmates in our society are also prepared.

Recent high school graduates will expand the ranks of our employees and start their careers many times alongside their training instructors at individual divisional plant operations.

"Equally, after graduation, the group of undergraduates who have completed a program of year-round practice of university students will become part of our society. We keep our fingers crossed for all students during the ongoing graduation exams and state exams and look forward to future cooperation," says the head of the department responsible for human resources recruitment and education of USSK Milan Polča.

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