Meeting with families from the project We are with you at the right time


Meeting with families from the project We are with you at the right time

Eleven families of Košice steelworkers, eleven difficult fates. Life does not cuddle with them, but they do not give in. Fighting. Benešovci, Szilágy, Vagaš, Azari, Bobkovci, Tarnóci, Zlackovci, Urban, Kurilkovci, Vysokay and Veliky families. Each of them has its own great torments, which, unfortunately, do not disappear with the flick of a magic wand.

But I guess their problems will be alleviated at least a little by the knowledge that they don't have to be all alone. The project of the Košice steel plant We are with you at the right time is here for them and for their twenty children in total. They will be part of it next year 2024.

On Wednesday, December 13, 2023, they accepted the invitation to the first meeting and Christmas dinner. A nice pre-holiday evening was held in a pleasant atmosphere. And it must be said that both children and their parents enjoyed it. Also in the presence of Vice President Marcel Novosad and his wife Viera, Vice Presidents Elena Petráškova and Silvia Gaálová, .

The children received gifts bought for them by employees as part of the Wishing Tree project In addition to children from families who accepted the invitation to the pre-holiday meeting, more than 120 of their peers from foster homes will also be gifted on Monday, December 18. Those who also wrote their Christmas wishes on cards within the Wishing Tree project.

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