Make a gift of lunch for homeless people


Make a gift of lunch for homeless people

Following the success of the initiative called "Make a gift of lunch", the USSK Women's Inclusion Network (WIN) has decided together with the Public Affairs Department to repeat that initiative prior to this Christmas, with the intention of supporting marginalized homeless people and mothers with children at the Crisis Center in Košice.

Everyone, and not only employees working from home, can donate a portion of their meal credits to this cause.

It's enough if you send an e-mail before December 15 giving your consent to having credits drawn from your meals credit card to the value of one or two, or maybe even ten lunches - it's up to you how many credits you decide to donate.

The value of one lunch is 3.24 euros. You just need to include your full name, works ID number, and the number of lunches you want to donate.

You should send your e-mail with that information before December 15 to this address:

If you have any questions, put them in an e-mail and send it anytime to

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