In Polov, a new playground for children built within Together for the Region


In Polov, a new playground for children built within Together for the Region

The first of the projects that were supported this year in the USSK Together for the Region grant program reached the finale. The aim of the project Revitalization of the Playground named Ladybug was to restore the game elements of the original playground, which were significantly worn out, and to increase their safety standard. On Friday, June 3, the playground in the Košice-Polov district was inaugurated and put into use on the occasion of International Children's Day. U. S. Steel Košice supported the project with 3000 euros.  Partners were also the city of Košice and the local recycling company Hamburger Recycling. Dozens of children, accompanied by their parents, enjoyed the playground.

Roland Lacko (pictured taking over the symbolic cheque), a USSK employee who was elected this city ward mayor two years ago, involved residents, including local MPs and USSK employees, in the project. After the tender for the supply of game elements, it was necessary to organize several brigades for the removal of old equipment, the modification and levelling of the terrain. This is confirmed by Marek Karafa (pictured from the opening of the pitch), who works at Cokery division.  "We had about 7-8 brigades to prepare everything according to our intention. When needed, we were carrying soil or bringing material with our own trucks. We've pushed the boundaries of the pitch off the field next to the creek, which is pretty uneven."

Part of the project was also the fencing of the playground area. "Safety was one of the basic requirements in revitalizing the playground," mayor Roland Lacko said,  continuing: "This will be closed for the night and the behavior of playground users is regulated by the operating order."


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