Great Competition heads into the final round


Great Competition heads into the final round

The final round of the Great Competition has started, and the top prize Volkswagen Touareg has left the production line. Our vehicle has been fitted with the necessary chips, and you'll find out when it reaches Košice from the X App, of course.

So long as you have the X App already installed, you'll get news from us about the automobile which is intended for one of the employees of U. S. Steel Košice or its subsidiary companies. The purchase price of this car is more than 70 000 euros, and if you want to know more about its equipment, check the X App!

At this point, just to reassure those of you who are now feverishly calculating how much tax the winner might have to pay, we can tell you there's no need to worry, because the Company undertakes to cover the winner's potential tax liability.

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