Donation is in her blood. Is it the same for you?


Donation is in her blood. Is it the same for you?

The Steelmakers drop of blood will take place as part of the Steelmakers for Košice event on Friday, June 21, at the Hematology-Transfusion Department of the AGEL Košice - Šaca Hospital, at the U. S. Steel Entrance Complex Polyclinic. Donations will take place from 6:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Registration will be open in mid-May.

There are many regular blood donors among our colleagues. Elena Bohunická from the Purchasing department - transactional activities, has also been contributing for years. She achieved respectable 60 free donations, so she has donated approximately 27 liters of blood so far. She is a recent holder of the diamond Janský plaque. The plaque itself will soon be given to her by the Slovak Red Cross at a ceremony to honor regular blood donors.

How did it all start?

"I admit, my first time blood donation took place out of curiosity - I wanted to find out what my blood type was. And I kind of stuck with it. I had a good example in my family, too. My mother was also awarded a diamond Janského plaque, she donated blood until she was old enough to do so. My brother is also a regular donor and holder of the Kňazovický medal."

You donated blood for the first time more than thirty years ago. What was it like then and now?

"The way the transfusion service works has changed over the years. I remember the times when the donors were separated from the medical staff by a glass wall. We had to wait for the test results much longer and there were many people in the waiting room. Today, like everything else, it's faster. The National Transfusion Service even offers the option to make an appointment via the Internet. Recently, I installed their app to my phone and about a week after the donation I received a message that my blood saved a life today. I must say, it was a bit touching," she admitted.

Do you have a ritual associated with the blood donation?

"After arriving home, I lie down, relax, often with a good book. I have a glass of red wine in the evening. As I get older, I feel that rest is necessary.“

Elena is modest, from the interview it was felt that she does not expect recognition ...

So do you take blood donation pragmatically, as a part of life?

"I'm healthy, so I simply donate blood as often as I can. I think that every healthy person should donate blood regularly. There is no substitute for blood.”

If you can, share this irreplaceable liquid on June 21.

Information about Volunteer Days is published on the website of U.S. Steel Košice:

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