Concert of the Philharmonic through the eyes of the Steelworkers


Concert of the Philharmonic through the eyes of the Steelworkers

More than 50 steelmakers, together with their partners, attended last Thursday a concert of the Košice State Philharmonic called Enigma variations. They accepted the invitation of Lucia Potokárová, General Director of SFK.

We invited them to share their experiences and impressions of the concert with us, or send them photos. Some have done so, and from their observations we select:

Ildikó Pecuchová

I like classical music, among other genres (as well as jazz, rock, metal). I listen to music according to my mood. And I love going to the Philharmonic Orchestra, although not regularly, but certainly often. Oboist Anna Štrbová gave a charming performance that brought an unexpected "symphonic density" in its finale. In the variations of Enigma, we heard lyrically elegant cello solos, ending with a grand symphonic finale. The conductor Zbyněk MÜLLER led this magical evening in brilliant style and received thunderous final applause together with the entire orchestra of the Košice State Philharmonic.

Vladimir Adamco

Slovak oboist Anna Štrbová has performed in many European orchestras and collaborates with prominent world conductors.  The audience received a long round of applause for her solo encore.  The light, oriental-sounding sound of the oboe was replaced by Edward Elgar's Enigma variations after the break. These impressed me the most. In them, the composer set to music the characteristics of his friends and acquaintances into fourteen short compositions, from calm to dynamic. The very successful work gradually graduated to a brilliant finish dominated by percussion instruments. Excellent! I would be delighted if such works were performed twice in the same evening.

I really like classical music. Thanks for the tickets for this concert go to the director of the Philharmonic, to the whole orchestra for the performance of beautiful music and certainly for the selection of works. Since the beginning of this year, the concerts have been excellent for me, including last week's Evening of French Music.

Zina Kromková 

I really enjoyed yesterday's concert and I'm glad I could be there. I never realized that the oboe has such a pleasant sound and oboist Anna Štrbová impressed me (among other things, with her dress). Thank you for the tickets, it was great, added Renáta Jaklovská.

In the photo from left: Renáta Jaklovská, Dana Gogová, Zina Kromková and Alica Mašlejová

Michal Bigaň

We again experienced a nice concert in SFK, certainly liked by every visitor.

Some were most impressed by the music of the orchestra and the performance of the conductor, others by the oboist, and my daughter was attracted by the new ticket design, she did not expect such cool tickets.

Magdalena Vasilová

The Slovak Music Festival performed a very nice concert ENIGMA VARIATIONS, skillfully selected compositions, perfect performance of all musical masters, and the icing on the cake were the musical variations of the soloist Anna Štrbová in the oboe playing. Thank you, it was a great experience.

Juraj Roško 

My wife Monika Rošková (left) and my colleague Martinka Hájeková were at the concert. I send a message from them that it was an amazing, unforgettable experience, an absolutely wonderful artistic evening and they were even lucky enough to meet the star of the evening, take a picture with her and exchange a few words.

Cover photo: Renáta Jaklovská


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