Blood donation at U. S. Steel Košice


Blood donation at U. S. Steel Košice

From the beginning of this year to June 1, 2023, U. S. Steel Košice employees donated blood 1,775 times. From June 1 to the end of September 1,606 times.

After each free collection of blood, plasma, or cytopheresis, U. S. Steel Košice will provide the employee with a monetary payment in the amount of € 10.

In Slovakia and the Czech Republic, a system of valuing blood donors with plaques is introduced. The award is named after Ján Janský, Czech doctor and psychiatrist, discoverer of the fourth blood group.  – Jánský plaque. These plaques are awarded by the Red Cross. The silver plaque is awarded to women and men who have donated blood 20 times.  Golden plaque of women who donated blood 30 times and men 40 times. The diamond plaque is awarded to women for 60 blood donations and men for 80 blood donations. The highest award is the Kňazovický Medal for 80 blood donations for women and 100 blood donations for men.

Since the beginning of the year, 26 steelmakers have received the silver Jánský plaque, 24 steelmakers have received gold, 21 steelmakers have received the diamond and the Kňazovický medal have received 10 steelmakers.

Steelmakers donate blood all year round. The strongest period is June, during the 

event Steelmakers for Košice, the Steelmakers Drop of Blood acts.

During this year's donation on June16., 69 steelmakers donated 30 liters of Blood.


Important contacts

USSK Emergency numbers:
15, 3 2222, 3 2015, +421 55 673 2222

Regional Service Desk:
3 4400, +421 55 673 4400

Employee Center:
3 3300, +421 673 3300

Ethics Line:
+421 55 684 2289

Šaca Hospital:
+421 55 7234 111, +421 55 7234 333

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