Altogether 3392 lunches have been donated


Altogether 3392 lunches have been donated

Steelmakers share lunches with people in need again before Christmas

Following the success of the "Make a Gift of Lunch" initiative which was tried out for the first time before Easter of this year, the Women's Inclusion Network (WIN) and the Public Affairs Department at USSK decided to run it again this month. As a result, just before the most beautiful holidays of the year, i.e.Christmas, the steelmakers are bringing pleasure and support to people in need (either the homeless or mothers with children in the Crisis Center). And it's not going to be only before Christmas either.

Up to the closing date of the initiative, which was on December 15, a total of 439 steelmakers had donated an incredible 3392 lunches.

Given the very large number of lunches donated, vastly exceeding not only the kitchen capacity of Eurest but also the refrigerator space available to the receiving organizations, WIN intend to deliver part of the lunches before Christmas and the remainder afterwards. This means that a lot of good lunches are going to be enjoyed in the facilities of the Archdiocesan Charity in Košice, specifically in the Combined Facility for Crisis Intervention at St. Elizabeth's Charity House on Bosákova Street and the Crisis Center for Mothers with Children in Košická Nová Ves. Another lot of lunches will be delivered to the OÁZA – Hope for a New Life non-profit organization facility at Bernátovce, which provides shelter for people in extreme need.

"On Tuesday, December 21, we're going to visit the OÁZA – Hope for a New Life facility, taking 400 lunches with us. Another 400 lunches will be delivered on Wednesday, December 22, to St. Elizabeth's Charity House and the Crisis Center for Mothers with Children. We intend to continue distributing lunches in the New Year, some even before Three Kings Day and the rest later in January. We're very happy to see so many lunches being donated, and we never expected such a high number. We sincerely thank everyone who has contributed. They're bringing pleasure to many people who have a poor lot in life," says USSK Women's Inclusion Network leader Brigita Kurucová.

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