30 under 30


30 under 30

Prestigious award for Jakub Hrabovecký

The award 30 under 30 stands for the international competition for young talented people who are not even thirty years old and who enjoy purchasing and improving procurement processes. It is announced by the US Institute for Supply Management (ISM).

During the 8th year of this competition, our colleague, Jakub Hrabovecký, was placed among the top 30 from hundreds of nominees from companies of various sizes and orientations.  From Europe, only one young professional from Belgium and two from the UK managed to do so. 

Jakub joined U. S. Steel Košice in 2017 as an intern and a year later, shortly after graduating from the Technical University in Košice, he became a Management Associate in MRO department. His current job position is Commodity / Category Manager in Global Procurement Department.  Besides congratulations, we interviewed Jakub about his award.

Who nominated you and what do you think that contributed the most to your success?

“I was nominated by General Manager Procurement, Martina Kaprálová, whom I would like to thank for this nomination. It is my second nomination as I was also nominated in 2019.  It did not work out in 2019 but it motivated me enough to work hard and keep following this goal.  In comparison with the last nomination, I made a progress not only in my career but also in my personal life.  I would like to thank the members of teams in which I worked, MRO and Global Procurement Department. The work in Procurement Department requires various kinds of qualities, skills and last but not least to be a team player as this department connects internal teams with the external market in the form of suppliers. From my point of view, the most significant success in my professional life is the structural procurement change of one type of ferroalloys that of course contributed to the placing in this prestigious competition.  Moreover, I am proud of myself that I obtained CPSM (Certified professional in supply management) degree that is recognized worldwide as a gold standard in my occupation.”

The award includes the participation in the ISM World Conference in Orlando, Florida, or a media presentation.  What part of this excites you the most and what other opportunities does this award offer you?

“I am most looking forward to the conference, where I will be able to establish new contacts with colleagues from the industry. In addition to the presentation of winners, the main program of the conference will be focused on the education and knowledge exchange in the field of procurement. It is a great opportunity for me to gain new experience and move up in my career.  I am also delighted with the fact that I will represent our company in the world as the first procurement manager from USSK that is placed in ISM ranking 30 under 30.  I believe that my success will be a driving force for other young and perspective colleagues to continue to fruitfully represent the company at the international level.”

Besides that, you are passionate about your work, thanks to which you have received ISM award, we also know you as a volunteer in our company event called Steelmakers for Košice. What motivates you to work for the community and to give a helping hand selflessly?

“My motto is: ´You never walk alone´ and I'm trying to live according to it. I perceive the Steelmakers for Košice event as an opportunity for a higher good and help where it is needed.  I would like to point out NextGen initiative that unites young colleagues in our company.  I appreciate that I could have a speech on this platform and contribute with it to the promotion of aluminum recycling.  My ultimate goal is to be a leader within my team and being a volunteer in the form of helping others is for me a fundamental element of every leader's character.”

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